Reasons for say 'I love you' on 14th febGod and love are inseparable. I’m sure you should have watched a love story whose story line will be the form that a rich, powerful and very influential prince falls in love with a wretched and homeless orphan. Most of the times, the prince is confronted for his choice, with mother offering better “bride materials”, damsels of his class. But he goes all the way to renouncing his position of honour, neglecting all just to be with his love.

As beautiful as this is, it doesn’t come close to painting picture of God’s love for human beings, the everlasting immortal God’s love for mere mortals. The Holy God in love with sinful man. The faithful God in love with disloyal and unfaithful man.
To what extent can you go to be with your love? Believe me the love between Romeo and Juliet doesn’t come close to it.

Psalms 8:4 (AMP) What is man that You are mindful of him, and the son of [earthborn] man that You care for him?

Psalms 144:3 (NCV) Lord, why are people important to you? Why do you even think about human beings?

(NIV) O LORD, what is man that you care for him, the son of man that you think of him?

 God never gave up on us. His love never quits. The bible said He counted us precious enough to buy us with a price (1 cor 6: 20). Begin to see yourself the same way God sees you, precious and priceless; worthy of the life of his only son.
Who will give His only son’s life to safe a hopeless slave? GOD; HE IS MINDFUL OF YOU

Psalms 136:1-26 (MSG)
1 Thank God! He deserves your thanks.

His love never quits.
2 Thank the God of all gods,

His love never quits.
3 Thank the Lord of all lords.

His love never quits.
4 Thank the miracle-working God,

His love never quits.

Can I hear you say, “Thank you for loving me, I love you too Lord”

Oludapo Tolulope. A