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I, like every other young boy of my age used to be afraid of our Dads because of the constant spanking we get from them, while he is far preferred to mothers by last born daughters because they are “Daddy’s pet” they get all the goodies and attention they want. Perception is everything!How do you see God? Like I use to see my Dad or my little sister does? It definitely won’t be your fault if you see God as wicked and angry like I saw my Dad.
In my early years, I was introduced to the God that placed the ten plagues on the Egyptians. The God that made two she bears eat up 42 children that made jest of Elisha the prophet because of his bald head. The God that caused the ground to open and swallowed thousands of people up for rebelling against Him, and so many other fierce acts of God. God displaying wrath and anger. As true as these are I was not made to realise that He is the same God that made the first clothe for Adam and Eve to cover their nakedness after they disobeyed in the Garden of Eden. He was the same God that sought for a relationship/intimacy with the Israelites. The God that said “His love is stronger than His vengeance.
So my perception of God creates or removes the gap between us. I guess that I am not alone in this. My relationship with God was just like that of the Israelites in the wilderness it was out of fear. It was more like a master to slave relationship whereas He desires a father to son relationship.
There was an occurrence in the wilderness where God paid His people a visit. In stating the purpose for the visit, God told Moses in Exodus 19:5 Now therefore, if you will obey My voice in truth and keep My covenant, then you shall be My own peculiar possession and treasure from among and above all peoples; for all the earth is Mine.”
This sounded like a friendly visit or hangout to me. God was willing to be one with them. Though due to their Adamic/sinful state and God’s holiness. He had to set some rules for the engagement that sounded a bit scary.  Consecrating themselves and not touching the mountain.
God’s appearance was in thundering and lighting, in fire and smokes. His voice was like the sound of trumpet. The Israelites so terrified begged Moses to be their spokesman INSTEAD OF God’s audible voice. But Moses went up on the mountain to meet God right within the lighting, cloud and thunder and spoke with God. The same God that the people were afraid of was the same Moses met face to face. PERCEPTION!

The author of Hebrew comparing the dispensation of the old covenant and the new, the law through Moses and grace through Jesus said“Hebrews 12:18-24 18 For you have not come to the mountain that may be touched and that burned with fire, and to blackness and darkness and tempest, 19 and the sound of a trumpet and the voice of words, so that those who heard it begged that the word should not be spoken to them anymore. 20 (For they could not endure what was commanded: “And if so much as a beast touches the mountain, it shall be stoned or shot with an arrow.” 21 And so terrifying was the sight that Moses said, “I am exceedingly afraid and trembling.”) 22 But you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, to an innumerable company of angels, 23 to the general assembly and church of the firstborn who are registered in heaven, to God the Judge of all, to the spirits of just men made perfect, 24 to Jesus the Mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling that speaks better things than that of Abel.

We have no reason to be afraid of God anymore. This is a time where God himself is not only giving us an invitation to come but is dearly expecting us to come BOLDLY into His presence in whatever state we are. Recall that the father of the prodigal son hugged him and put a ring on his hand in his pig caring cloak (which was still dirty and smelly).
We have the spirit of adoption of sons not a spirit to be afraid of God.
See God as a father, not a taskmaster. See him as a friend always by your side to help you up and help you out.  Then you will enjoy the beauty and grace that flows from him.

I hope this blog post has been a blessing to you. Kindly leave a comment, like and share.

Tee Abraham 😉


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  1. The part about the early perception of God is kinda similar to mine. Really beautiful piece of writing. May God continue to strengthenyou.

  2. The part about the early perception of God is kinda similar to mine. Really beautiful piece of writing. May God continue to strengthenyou.

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