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ECLIPSE OF THE SON; The name was the first thing that drew my attention to this book, but once I opened it, my attention was captured. At first glance the name sounds like something you’d find on a Sci-fi book, but trust me when I tell you; this book is leaps and bounds away from that genre.

Now, to prepare a first-time reader for the first on a list of edifying eccentricities this book possesses, I start with this; it’s written backwards! Yup, ‘the first page is the last page’ literally!

The foreword is the backward. But, all is done with simplicity that in my opinion is done to make the reader understand that God is the same whichever way you look at Him. The ‘backward’ is written by Pastor Emmanuel Iren, the founder and lead pastor of Celebration Church.


The book itself is a collection of poems all written by the author. The poems are witty full of relatable innuendos and so easy to read even to someone who isn’t used to poetic literature. Each poem has one aim in mind; to communicate the love of God to the reader.

The Eclipse of the Son covers topics from redemption to forgiveness and more and it passes across this information by framing them in poems with themes such as football, fashion, construction.

Eclipse of the Son is the author’s first publish, but you won’t be able to tell by reading it. The wealth in between the lines show that the inspiration for this book is spiritual and wasn’t just on a whim.

Titles in this collection include; City on a Heel, O-Pen, Race-Ism and Story Building. One of my favourite poems in this book is titled Football. Here are last two stanzas;

You would provide the boots for our feet to be beautiful ,

So that we can spread the good news of Victory

While we play our matches, our jerseys have the name of Jesus on it

So much that anytime the enemy tries to score

Jesus comes and He saves

Now our defence is sure

And that’s just a sample of what this book has to offer.

The Eclipse of the Son is a recommended read and is guaranteed to help you feel the love of God over your life irrespective of your position.

To meet Okenwa Igbokwe; Read – Meet Okenwa Igbokwe; Author – The Eclipse Of The Son

Review by; O. G. Nakamura (Olagoke Williams)

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