the_magic_mirror_140485 (1)I don’t deny being guilty of this, neither can you, unless you’ve not used this expression before “that’s just me” or “That’s who I am”, some people go further to add “and there is nothing I/anyone can do about it.

Believe me, that statement no matter how sincere you are about it is self-deceit. For instance, someone complains about your handwriting or “language-factor” or disorganized locker and in defense you say “that is just me” LIE! That is not you! That can never be you until you conclude so.
There is and will always be a better you. You are neither a concluded project nor a finished product. We are all changing, growing and improving every day, why settle for an unfinished edition of yourself.
The desire to meet “the better you” every passing day, you can take conscious steps to get rid of the “factor”, the mannerism, the hot temper, the quick loss of concentration, the always bitter you… The difference between you and the person better than you is the steps to improve. There is a better you out there, take on the adventure to meet him/her.
Note: I am not asking you to change, we don’t need another Saint Peter, and neither do we need another Oludapo Tolulope ;). We need you in your uniqueness. I don’t want you to be like me, be a better you.
Make up your mind today, erase the expression “that is just me, and I don’t care what you think or that is just me and there is nothing you can do about it” from your life because if you don’t, you will forever be a drafted copy of your true identity.

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Oludapo Tolulope

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