Jesus_Walking_on_WaterHave you ever been present where someone was sharing his/her problems and challenges? Some of those problems are so bad that your own challenges are child’s play in comparison with those problems. We then conclude that some situations are just too much for God to handle.
Some time ago, I heard a pastor share a testimony about a lady diagnosed with cancer. The cancer was malignant and had spread to other parts of her body. After the diagnosis, she just accepted her plight and felt there was no need to bother God with her problem. The pastor made a funny but true statement. I concur with his statement. The pastor asked her, “Will the light in heaven go dim if God decides to heal your cancer?” Most of the time, we think God needs more power to heal terminal diseases than to heal a cold. But NO, the same measure of power that is needed a cold will heal cancer or failed heart. Heaven will neither lose energy nor sweat to get your issue fixed.Jesus-walking-on-water
Let me paint a picture from the scriptures. The disciples of Jesus were trying to cross the sea after Jesus fed the crowd. They had toiled and even lost their belongings trying to survive the storm. Interestingly, Jesus came towards them, walking on the same storm that had gotten them stranded for hours and had almost taken their lives. This shows how much power Jesus has over all your challenges. The Bible also records that the moment Jesus joined them in the boat, they immediately found themselves on the other side of the sea.
Jesus is more than powerful to ease that storm and He is eager to. Just bring Him in. Ask Him to help you, to heal you, to meet the need. Believe He can do it, then Thank him. Your big deals are nothing to him. Your big deals are nothing at all.

Mark 11:24 (AMP) For this reason I am telling you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe (trust and be confident) that it is granted to you, and you will [get it].

I see you walking with Jesus above all the challenges, problems, sicknesses, limitations,  failures…that you are going through in Jesus name. Kindly share the post and post your comment 🙂

Tee Abraham

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