Ewa-G (pronounced ehwa-jee), short for “Ewa Agoyin”, is a mystically mysterious meal eaten in many places in Nigeria especially Covenant University. Its ingredients are beans, oil stew and of course, the renowned N25 bread. But this is not just your everyday beans.
No. There’s something about this one that has made it to become one of the most sought after meals of the year in Canaanland. It has only one outlet in Canaanland and yet by 10 am, you can literally see a queue of people, waiting for the lady to show up so that these hungry group, made up of the old and young, rich and poor, fat and slim, beautiful and not so fine, and finally the endowed and not so privileged, can get their hands on this ridiculously looking meal.

Finally, I decided to try a meal. I went by 12: 30pm (noon) to the cafeteria so as to avoid the queue and I bought bread for N100, beans for N100, 1 fish for N50, 1 “pomo” for N50 and 1 egg for N50. Not to forget the N50 pack. I walked briskly to my room, no-one was around.

Yes, duh.

I stabbed lectures that day for the sake of “ewa-g”. I sat down, said a prayer, put a piece of bread in my mouth and some “ewa-g”. Then I put another one, then another, and another and before I knew it the meal was exhausted.

Then came that dreaded feeling – MORE.

But as I tried to stand up, I realized I was filled up.

“Dear Lord Jesus, it’s a fire”.

I thought to myself.

“Okay, let me continue reading my book”

Dear God! I couldn’t. I was feeling sleepy.

So I slept, only to wake up the following morning by 5 am. Impossible. What had happened? I normally don’t sleep for this long. Now I wanted more. So I stepped out to find out what was it that made me want more “ewa-g”.

3 weeks after-

It’s Thursday afternoon, and I’m just returning from a very boring lecture. Two things are on my mind; eat and sleep.

So I visit the much coveted “ewa-gee” spot at the cafeteria and make my normal order. *winks*. Briskly I walk to my room, uttering a prayer under my breath, that my room-mate, the dragon Priye, will not be around lest he deprive me of this meal and reduce my ration by a considerable amount. I arrive my room, knock on the door and no response is gotten. I check and no-one is around.

Aaaaaahhhh. Oshhhaaayyy.

God still answers prayers.

Happily, I undress till I’m in my underwear- that’s the best way to enjoy “ewa-gee”. I eat the meal hastily in-case Priye is on his way, and then I lie down to sleep.

30 minutes pass, and I’m still awake.1 hour, 2hours, and I’m awake. Then thoughts flash through my mind. Oh my God. Something is wrong with me. I need to see a doctor. It appears “ewa-gee” has lost its power over me.

Sometimes, the same experience I had with my “ewa-gee” can be the same many Christians have with the word of God.

Have you now become so used to the word of God that it no longer appeals to you and is now boring?

So when pastor announces the pick, you’re like “Hmmnn, I’ve heard this rhema before. Pastor, teach us something new jarey. Abi pastor no sabi wetin to preach.”

Then next Sunday arrives.

“Brother Samuel, u no dey go church?”

Then I’m like “Leave me jarey, wetin him (the pastor) want preach wey we never hear before?” But you forget a law in life that says “repetition is the law of long and lasting impressions”.

Paul said “I write to remind you again of these things”. This article is written for the purpose of reminding you to beware of taking your local church for granted and going about to seek other “excitements,” This article advises the ministers to also keep the word in their mouth fresh. Leaders study your bible ooooo. And, members stick with your pastor.

And I end on this note- like our grandfather Benson Idahosa said, “If your church doesn’t change you, change church”.


Samuel AbuaSamuel Abua is an energetic and outspoken young man. His humor is second to none. He is a lover of the word of God and a propagator of accurate exegesis. He plays soccer and basketball and is a fan of Real Madrid. Samuel Abua on Facebook: Samuel Abua

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