Unique But Not Alone

Lately, I have been too buried in the world of make believe (watching movies), to look at the real world. It’s little wonder that I have been feeling empty – yes, I feel this way from time to time. Stay with me, I promise, this is not just me rambling on or trying to tell you about all my problems. This is related to what I am writing – or is it…lol.

At some point in our lives, someone has told us that we are special, we are unique. There is no one in the world like us. This is evident in the fact that we have a unique set of finger prints and DNA which is different from even that of our closest family member. Although these things are true and they are meant as a source of encouragement, if not carefully explained, they have the tendency to serve an opposite purpose. So let me explain.

We sometimes think we are weird, that our jokes are weird, that the things we like are strange and that no one else can relate. So we hide or dreams because there cannot be anyone out there that can possibly buy into our idea.

One day, my friend told me about how she wanted to make agbalumo juice, I will like to tell you that I was a source of encouragement to her, not the case. We laughed and told her it was impossible and that even if it were, who will like it? I think that was one of the worst things I ever did. Sometime back, I saw agbalumo flavoured ice cream, I still feel bad.

What am I driving at?

When we tell people how unique and special they are, let’s not forget to tell them that they are not alone. That of the approximate 8 billion people on the planet, there are a number of people who think like them. There are people who ‘get’ them, there is at least one other person out there who shares their opinion, who shares certain weaknesses with them that they feel so ashamed about, people who share certain achievements.

You are unique, but not alone. Maybe you are considered weird in your environment, but there are people who consider you as normal because they are just like you. There is someone who will laugh at your weird joke, someone is going through what you are going through. You see that weird business idea you have? Someone will buy into it. Millions of people are ready to pay for that product. All you need to do is take a chance, find those people.

You know how I said the beginning was related to this? This is the explanation.

When I write, I do so as if I were talking. For a very long time, I used to write for my own consumption only. I have many many many books that I have written in (I have been writing since I was in secondary school). I cannot even find most of them. I never showed them to anyone because I felt as if it will not be accepted. It wasn’t structured the way other people’s writings were. My writing felt just too special and unique I actually believed that no one else in the world would be interested in reading what I wrote. How wrong I was!

People actually feel blessed by what I write – still surprises me when I see the comments or shares. People feel how I am feeling, they can relate and it fills me with joy to know that I am not alone.

Don’t get me wrong, you ARE special.  After all, God made you Himself. However, you are not so special that nobody else in the WHOLE world understands you. People do, you just haven’t found them yet, so get searching!

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Miss Anonymous

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Tolulope Oludapo is a young Christian who lends his voice through the media by sharing practical wisdom for everyday living in the most experiential and simplified fashion. This has fetched him the direct followership of over 30,000 users on his blog, A blog he founded. He loves to write on varying subjects that affect life, faith, relationship...everyday living.
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