An Unmarried 33 Year Old Man Is Asking Me To Marry Him – #TheQuestionnaire


Basically, things happen to people according to their goals and decisions in life. While some can marry at 25, others will marry at 30 and so on.

This happens to people who know and believe in God and those who don’t. There is really nothing wrong with a person – guy or gir l- getting married at 33. There are examples of people in the Bible who married at 40. So as they love and focus on God, He will bring them their right partners as He ordained.

In this case, it depends on what the man’s mission is. When I say mission, I mean life goals, direction, and vision. It doesn’t really matter what age he is.

When looking to get a man, some core things you can look for are, His Love for God, Vision for Life, and Love for People, Love for you… Obviously, age is important, but it doesn’t mean that the older or younger person will be more/less committed. It’s the person that fears the Lord that can treat you with the fear of the Lord.

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