What thoughts fill your minds when you wake up in the morning? Is it the high demands of the day? (especially on Mondays), the unfinished goals of the previous day? The wanna-get or wanna-be? The previous day’s loss and failures? The dreams and aspirations you haven’t achieved yet? The time running out on you? That voice saying that you are not good enough? …. these thoughts if entertained will get you moody, sad or bitter, coupled with the demands of the day or that of life generally.

These variables will leave you less thankful; in comparison, have you ever thought of the 7 million people of South Sudan that are at risk of food insecurity and the 4.9 million who are in urgent need of humanitarian aid, dying in their tens of thousands daily? or those that find it hard to sleep soundly due to noises from shells and bombs coupled with the fear of the unknown -the inability to decipher when their home of abode will be destroyed as well, especially in Iraq and other war ravaged middle eastern countries, or those who couldn’t go to bed in the fear of the Barbaric Boko Haram sect who seek pleasure in breaking into villages, tearing each house down in the middle of the night razing each building, leaving no place to hide. Or those in the slums and sub urbs that go to bed on empty stomach and have to beg or pick food from garbage?

I am sure if these are the thoughts you wake up to, all the cares and worries you nurture will not mean a thing to you. You will rather be thankful, celebrate and cherish the life you have now. You will see how lame and insignificant your greatest complaints and worries are.

Perspective is everything, and I’ll rather choose the one that gets me positive, peaceful and generous. And your waking up, and every moment thoughts can help you to condition that. Make a choice to be thankful even in the littlest disappointment. Someone out there is facing a worst situation than you can imagine. 

Be thankful for what you’ve got and for where you are.

Thank you for reading, I’ll be waiting to see your comment. 

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