#WCW – Jackie Hill Perry: In Search For "love", She Found Love…

Jackie Hill-Perry was born in St. Louis. She grew up in fatherless household, and experienced sexual abuse at the age of five. Hill’s upbringing instilled her with a knowledge of God, and she attended church until she was ten. However, her encounter with sexual abuse, combined with school bullying and a lack of attention from boys contributed to her struggle with gender dysphoria. Since the age of four, Hill felt as though she should have been born a boy, and at age six she started imitating male tendencies, such as standing up to use the toilet. At age 17, she discovered that she was a lesbian, and started pursuing multiple serial relationships with other women. Hill’s second girlfriend suggested that she be a stud, a woman who takes the masculine role in a lesbian relationship. Hill explains that,

jackie-hill-perry“I was never the ‘cute chick’ but when I became a stud, it seemed like every girl wanted me. I would be in straight clubs and have girls throwing themselves at me. For a girl that’s insecure and craves to feel loved, that was like a drug for me.”

Frequenting gay clubs and gay pride parades, Hill became caught up in a life of drug and pornography addiction, rebellion, and homosexual promiscuity. However, in October 2008, she converted to Christianity, and turned away from her previous lifestyle.

Her self-proclaimed status as a former lesbian has sparked controversy, with many gay rights activists stating that sexual orientation cannot be changed and that Hill-Perry’s experience led credence to the idea of conversion therapy. Hill-Perry however, maintains her belief that God can transform lives and that He empowers believers to resist temptation.

506338461_1280x720Jackie Hill-Perry is a writer and artist whose work has been featured on The Washington Times, Desiring God, The Gospel Coalition and other online publications. Since being saved, Jackie has been compelled to share the light of gospel truth through poems that have reached over one million views on YouTube. She is signed to Humble Beast Records and released her debut album “The Art of Joy” in 2014. Jackie serves locally as Female Mentorship Coordinator at Grip Outreach for Youth, A non-profit organization loving Chicago’s fatherless teens. At home, she is known as wife to Preston and mommy to Eden.

jackie-hill-perry-and-husband-preston-perry-with-their-daughter-edenThe Lifegiva Community is making Jackie Hill-Perry our #WCW for this week.

Here’s why. Jackie stands as a role model for us who are deep in the shackles of neglect, reject and deject. She stands as a trophy  and testimony of Jesus Christ revealing to humanity that God’s Love is greater, bigger and stronger than our complications, confusions and confrontations.

God’s Love heals better, way better than a physician’s medicine. He heals us from the hurt, pain, struggles, shame and disgrace of addictions, low self-esteem, and abandonment. And as He does that, He keeps and shields us from falling back by empowering us to resist the temptations.

You see, in search for “love” and acceptance, Jackie found Love. She found God.

I took out time to go see some of her reflections, and I thought to share it with you guys. Click on the links below:

And here below is a video she shared her life and salvation story;

Thank you for reading, we believe Jackie’s life will serve as an inspiration to rise above the pains and see love in God.

You can follow Jackie on social media;

Instagram: @jackiehillperry

Facebook: Jackie Hill-Perry

Twitter: @jackiehillperry

YouTube: MyNameIsJackieHill

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