Wedding Tradition: Who Weds Who?

Have you ever wondered where most wedding traditions originate from? Let’s talk about the choice of costume. Why must the lady wear a white gown? Why not green or red? Who wrote the wedding vow? Why should rings get involved? Why have white weddings on Saturdays? There are so many questions that you probably never thought of. But in today’s post, we’ll discuss one of such.


(Which is the correct order and why?)

In sharing a post concerning friend’s wedding on my BBM personal message, I typed “Laju weds Emmanuel“, I received a ping immediately correcting me that the order was wrong. The person said it was meant to be “Emmanuel weds Laju“.

Note: Emmanuel is the groom and Laju is the bride.

Although I was initially convinced of the order, primarily because that was what I was used to seeing on wedding invitation cards and souvenirs, I changed it to “Emmanuel weds Laju” and trust how your BBM contacts can be, I received pings telling me I was wrong again.

I decided to take a poll and got people’s opinions along with their different reasons. Let me share a few.

Opsii: It should be “Emmanuel weds Laju“.

“And a man shall his father’s house and cleave unto his wife”. The man is the one who is searching. Man weds his bride. The man is the head, he should come 1st.

Tolu: I think it goes both ways, there is no particular order.

Stephen: It is Emmanuel weds Laju, Na the man they marry the Bae. I’m correct, who dey marry who?

Cece: Laju weds Emmanuel, She’s d one that said yes to him wasn’t she ? D lady agreed to marry d guy. So she’s marrying d guy, not d other way round. Laju is marrying Emma. Which wedding IV have u ever seen d guy’s name first?

After receiving varying opinions, I decided to do my research. Although most opinions went with “Bride weds Groom”, there was no reason for this apart from individual opinions- a major one being because the bride’s family are the host of the wedding ceremony. These people believe the bride’s family are the ones inviting everybody; therefore the bride’s name should come first.

Is there a definite rule to this tradition? Or do you have a reasonable reason why the order generally used (Bride weds Groom) should be maintained or changed? Do share as a comment to this post.

I’ll be waiting to read your comment 🙂

To leave a comment, all you need to do is just type in your comment. You may or may not fill in your name, email address and other fields, JUST HIT THE “POST COMMENT” BUTTON.


Thank you for reading, I’ll be waiting to see your comment. 

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