What Are Those Things People Do That “Supposedly” Lead Others On?

Ever felt like someone’s playing games with your heart? You think they might be into you, but then…bam! Friendzone. We’ve all been there.

Often, well-intentioned actions can be misconstrued, leading to confusion and hurt feelings. This phenomenon, often referred to as “leading someone on,” can occur through various subtle behaviours.

Here, we asked on social media; What are those things people do that “supposedly” lead others on? Here are real responses from individuals discussing what actions can lead to these mixed signals.

chiazokaa: Calling me at odd hours and calling me pet names 🙄🙄 when you only see me as a “friend.”

mdanhabu: Phone calls every night. Ma fe jo pami dear 🤲🏼

_chee_soom: Being intentional about everything that concerns me, and you are wondering why I am catching feelings 😬😬😬😬 #iamnotunderstanding

ritaegbochie: The list is endless but I would mention a few… (1) Becoming unnecessarily too close (emphasis on too close). (2) Unnecessarily usage of endearing words like baby, sugar, and a host of others 🙄🙄🙄. (3) Calling constantly during midnight for things that can be discussed during the day (o wrong now😂😂). (4) Being extremely too nice, being clingy, and showing so much concern in the lady’s issue can be one way of leading the lady or vice versa on. (5) Constantly hanging around in public, going everywhere together can also be a sign of leading on.

enoch_akorede: (1) When someone’s daughter starts using terms of endearment. (2) When she begins to get overly concerned about the intricate matters in my life, and she’s willing to offer help within her own capacity.

neodeepvibes: Sending me money 😢

marymensah_anochie: Allowing them cook for you all the time, spending so much time with them every day, and when not together, talking on the phone all the time. Constant communication and being vulnerable with the person. Lez not deceive ourselves dear, we gonna fall in love.

yemimorrison: Apparently, just responding politely 💁🏾‍♀️. I guess the streets are so cold that if I’m a decent human being, it must mean I like you 😂😂😂 (spoiler alert: it doesn’t).

shantellesse: Why are you calling me every night and telling people I’m your “sister” O wrong nau 😂😂😂😂

thetemispicy: Replying fast ….it means a lot 😂

olamidee.a: Sweet names😂

thics.sweetness: Letting me meet your friends and when they don’t see you, they ask about you from me 😂.. please let’s remain strangers.

adewale.adeife: Calling me every night like I am your therapist. Also calling me “my love.” Na from clap dance dey start.

iamgold10: Don’t call me babe pleaseeee!!!!

thics.sweetness: Replying to my story every time with really nice comments, abeg just view and pass 😩

naommiiee: Indulge them in conversations that stir up their feelings. Not giving boundaries, but not giving breathing space.

dankgunther: Why call me “darling”? 🥴. Are you trying to start something? 🥴

mhiztee___: Don’t call me babe or baby pls.

thetifeadeyera: Becoming more friendly than usual. Forming this closeness that’s unhealthy.

preh_cious: Callssssssssssssss!

gistwithrike: Constant communication and act of kindness 🌚

imalove__: Spontaneous, consistent acts of kindness, just because. Most people are conditioned to assume there are ulterior motives 🙃

breachrepairer2: Giving me all the attention and still claim we are just friends 😢

menaoflagos: Wanting to always spend time with someone, always talking to this someone, using endearing words.

faithful.emiedafe: Don’t call me my Baby, My love, My kinikan.

admiral_slim: Don’t call me Baby or Dear. Call me Comrade!!!

mo.lenah: Personally I think we should be looking at the emoji we are using 😂😂😂. And Pet names.

These real-life responses highlight a variety of actions that can be perceived as leading someone on. From frequent communication and affectionate pet names to consistent acts of kindness and lack of clear boundaries, these behaviours can create confusion about someone’s true intentions.

The line between friendliness and leading someone on is often a matter of perception and intention. If you’re unsure, a simple “Hey, are we just friends?” can go a long way in avoiding future misunderstandings.

The line between friendliness and leading someone on is often blurry, but if you're unsure, a simple 'Hey, are we just friends?'. Share on X

Look for consistency in behaviour, the context of interactions, and the nature of the communication. By doing so, we can navigate the complexities of human connections with greater understanding and respect for each other’s feelings.

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