What Is Wrong With Our Sunday Services?

Permit me to question the purpose of Sunday morning gathering of Christian believers.

I am doing this as a sincere follower of Christ that seeks to get more from the 2 hours spent with other believers in the presence of God other than a rebel looking for an excuse to not attend Sunday service.

The need to visit the church practice didn’t just start today as there was a record of Jesus being driven to so much vexation due to the activities in church gatherings that made him whip and drive everyone out of the synagogue. He made a statement during that event the I believe should serve as the basis for Christian gathering. “It is written,” he said to them, “‘My house will be called a house of prayer,’ but you are making it ‘a den of robbers.’“.

I have seen radical change and extreme innovation and branding (a product of modernisation you might say) introduced to Sunday worship by newly emerging churches which has, in turn, contributed to an influx of congregants to these churches. Orthodox churches are now mostly a church for the elderly folks who were raised in that path and can’t derail from custom and of course their teenage and younger kids who have no choice but to follow them.

I have been part of both sides of the coin, orthodox and charismatic and I still have my dissatisfaction.

Should our Sundays be just a time to sit in the pews, sing hymns and listen to a vibrant sermon on Holiness and Godliness, but little or nothing on how we should be fairing on all other aspects of our lives? Or should it be the modernised kind when we hear sermons on entrepreneurship and personal branding most Sunday mornings but nothing on how to combat the sin that lurks in our hearts?

Or should we adopt a practice from more civilised countries where you gather in homes, you chat for a while about life happening while having biscuit and coffee then gather there after for charge from the bible and you wrap everything up by someone saying a prayer?

Please don’t get me wrong, this post isn’t to point accusing fingers but to question the present system. Can it be better? Is this what it is supposed to be?

A great population of Christian youths don’t go to church and those that do are not any better for it, so what is missing?

Who is at fault?

If Jesus is to enter our Sunday gatherings, will He need His whip to chase some practices out of our midsts?

I shared these thoughts with a friend and here are his contributions.

“My belief is that the church needs to be more dynamic and practical. So this is what I propose: Let the usual Sunday service where we teach godliness and righteousness continue and then let’s have weekly, bi-weekly meetings in other areas of life that could help believers. It’s going to be difficult for our orthodox churches to blend Sunday services with business and branding. But I’m sure organizing meetings during the week wouldn’t affect their level of holiness.”

These are questions, please who’s got answers? Kindly contribute to a comment. 

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I’m sure it was worth every second spent on it. Thank you for dropping by, hope you’ll leave a comment also ;).

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