What Keeps Me Going #1

Young man speed running through city riverIf not for anything. I have the right people in my life that believe so much in purposeful living. I have learnt from them that I have a spot on earth that I need to fill and no one can do that for me. With that in my head, I don’t get jealous at what levels people get at what they do but I tell myself. “Ifeyinwa, you’ve got to work your own field so you better do that” and I have several real pictures of what I have to give the world.
Whenever I’m lazy, I remember the world’s waiting… and what scares me most.. If I am not working on it. Someone will fill in that space before I say Jack! I can’t let that happen!

Ifeyinwa Amagwula

Image by © Tony Garcia/Image Source/Corbis

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