THE QUESTIONNAIRE – What Kind of Lady Does a Guy Want?


What kind of lady does a guy want?


  1. Study and Get to know His Primary love Language and keep wowing him. Don’t just be cooking every weekend when his primary love language is Words of Affirmation. For instance, Get/ask/understand his Love Language and put your energy into what affects him the most.
  2. Discover You. They love ladies that are good at what they do. Men love effective and smart women. And these qualities can come easily when one lives out God’s will for one’s life.
  3. Pray. Don’t just pray alone, pray together. It brings both of you closer spiritually. Talk about the bible together. Go to church together and not only the cinemas and so forth.
  4. Don’t have sex with him before marriage. Men value women that will make them wait and go the extra mile, and not just open their legs. You open your leg, darling you give him the free ticket to go outside as you wouldn’t be fully valuable to him again.
  5. Boost His Ego/Encourage him always/Respect him/never compare him/support what he does/be his no 1 cheer person. Speak Life no matter what!

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