When God Says Go

The story of Abraham trips me every day. God called Abraham and told him to leave all that he knows. To go to a place that He would show him (Genesis 12). Now, this wasn’t going from familiar to unfamiliar. This was going from familiar to uncertain. I mean, Abraham didn’t know where God had told him to go. Yet he started moving – that’s some serious level of faith. It may seem like no big deal, but just imagining God telling you to leave everything you know here and just move. Not to America or Japan but to a place He would show you. It was as Abraham moved, when he got to Canaan (Genesis 12:5-6), then God told him that was the land He would give to Abraham’s descendants.

One time I was asking myself how come God didn’t just tell Abraham the details, after all, Abraham was going to obey. After a while, some things started to dawn on me. For a lot of us, if God showed us where he was taking us, we’d chicken out of fear or even doubt. If you are like me, you’d probably just cry for days because what some would have to go through before arriving at their final destination is a lot. And that’s scary.

Then if God showed some others the whole picture, they would decide to go about it their own way. When Rebecca understood what God has said about her children, we went ahead to go about God’s plan her own way. I strongly believe that God’s will would have come to pass still even if she didn’t decide to act for God. Same with Abraham, Sarah and Hagar… They knew what God had said so when it wasn’t forthcoming, they went about it their own way.

I can go on and on… the point though is that man doesn’t operate the way God does. Man is time-bound, God is timeless. So sometimes when God has said something and it isn’t coming forth, there is the tendency for one to be impatient and device his means to get to that point where God has set for Him – and we know from Bible stories and even today’s happenings that man’s way never ends well.

We need to daily bring to remembrance how that God has been faithful since time immemorial – our fathers trusted in Him and were not ashamed. So keep the faith strong. Click To Tweet

God never shows us the whole script. That’s why the bible says the just shall live by faith. Trusting God even when you don’t know it all or see it all is faith. For us as believers, when God instructs us to go, we move even when we don’t see it all.

It’s not easy to move when you don’t know where you are headed but It is easier when you know who has sent you. If God sends you, you can rest assured that all you’d need on that journey would be provided. The issue most times is that we want to get everything… Plus wants plus needs… Just everything. In fact, we are sometimes more concerned with what we’d get on the journey than what we are meant to do on that journey. I can tell you though that if you look back on those journeys God has sent you on, you’d agree with me that even when you didn’t all you craved for, you never lacked what you needed on that journey.

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When God says go, obey… Just keep going and trust God. And how can you trust the one you don’t know?
If my dad called out to me and tells me to do something risky. I am more likely to trust him and obey than if it was a stranger who asked me to do that same thing. Reason being that I know what my dad can do and trust his judgement. So the more you know God, the easier it becomes to hear and obey God.

When God says go, obey… Just keep going and trust God. Click To Tweet

Man may celebrate material achievements but heaven celebrates obedience. And when you obey, obey to the letter. Half obedience = disobedience before God. I trust God to help us even on this journey. So if God has told you to go on in that business or ministry or whatever move. Repent of foot-dragging and obey. God is more than able to provide for all you’ll ever need on that journey.


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