When The Prodigal Daughter Is A Better Christian (Movie Review)

This girl in high school was caught by her father making out with a boy in their house, and as punishment, she was forced to go to church even though she is not religious or believes in God. The outcome was worse than devastating.

In this Netflix series titled The Prodigal Daughter, (an episode of Easy), I am sure the idea was not to encourage a devotion to the Christian faith, actually the opposite, but I had a great deal to learn, actually, I was angry at the end of watching it.

Her first service at the church, the Priest read Matthew 19:24;

Then Jesus said to His disciples, “Truly I tell you, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

She was forced to go to youth bible study after the service where she studied what was read in church. She being an intelligent and outspoken person questioned the sense in the text. It is practically impossible for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. Some persons in the class tried to explain that it is more in the context of a thread through a needle’s eye or a particular gate in Jerusalem so narrow that a camel would have to be offloaded of its load so it can be squeezed through the entrance.

This then got her really pissed of how her rich parents keep their wealth and things they don’t need or use for so long while there are many poor people who they could have helped with those things. Her point is that they are hypocrites, claiming to be a Christian and going to church but not doing anything the Bible says.

While sharing with her mum about church and bible study, and challenging her why they don’t do what the bible says, her mum kept giving excuses and dodging the fact that they are actually hypocrites, saying things like there are different ways to interpret the Bible and bla bla.

The next day, she went to the bank and emptied her account of 48,600 dollars and gave the money to the church, the father was mad and furious so much that he went to try and get the money back, but the priest refused, the priest said the money now belongs to God😂🤣.

She went ahead to volunteer at a food shelter for homeless people, after which she brought home 3 homeless people, gave them food, told them to have their bath, gave them her parents clothes, and camping equipment they haven’t used for years.

Initially, she set out to frustrate her parents for forcing her to go to church against her wish, but by now, she wasn’t trying to get back them, she was genuinely interested in helping the poor. And her dad had had enough and said she doesn’t need to go to church again.

Here is where the movie got interesting.

She went to church the next Sunday and the priest announced that he’ll like to appreciate a member who donated handsomely to the church and has enabled them to finish the repair of the church alter, that was where she went mad. She literally lost it.

She interrupted the service and spoke out loud, that how can they use her 50,000 dollars to repair altar when there are hungry and needy people on the street.

She got angry and walked out of the church, and guess what, she isn’t going back. She lost all hope in religion. Although, she went on to volunteer and help the poor, but no more bible, the church or religion.

It is funny how many Christians have prevented others (genuinely interested in finding God) from coming into the faith by us simply not living what we profess or believe.

It’s pretty easy, if you don’t do what you preach to me how do you want to convince me that it is true? It is like me telling you to use a drug or get an insurance plan that you yourself aren’t using, How then do you want me to think it isn’t a scam?

It is funny how many Christians have prevented others (genuinely interested in finding God) from coming into the faith by us simply not living what we profess or believe. Click To Tweet

Yes, being good and doing charity isn’t just a religious thing, that is not what the Christian faith is primarily, you don’t need Jesus to help the poor and needy. The Christian Faith is that Jesus’ death paid for and atoned for our sins and whoever believed Him will have eternal life BUT makes it crystal clear that if you believe this truth; that someone loved you enough to pay your debt and take your death sentence, you’ll do the same for others.

The Christian Faith is that Jesus’ death paid for and atoned for our sins and whoever believed Him will have eternal life. Click To Tweet

Love is a vital part of the Christian message and culture of the Christian faith.

Jesus said by this will all men know that you are my disciples if you love one another. John also made a very bold statement that this is how we know that you know and love God when you love other people, because how can you claim to love God that you haven’t seen when you don’t love the people you see.

This gives me a lot to think about and should give you too.

My focus is even less on the loving and giving, but if we say we are followers of Jesus and the Bible, can the world see it in our actions, and not just by our words or our name? I bet the first believers were called Christians because they acted and lived like the Christ they professed. Being a follower of Christ does not mean following Jesus literally, going with Him from place to place, it means following His teachings, His believes, we are followers of Jesus by following His teachings.

How good of a follower are you? Can people see you and testify to the fact that you truly know and follow Christ? Think about it.

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