When Things Aren’t Working Your Way

Many at times we want things to be done in our own way when we make our supplication and request known to God. And if it does not come the way we want or expect it, we become worried, frustrated and start giving in to fear and doubt. We tend to trust God only when things are working in our own way, forgetting that we ought to trust Him because He wants the best for us.

He has told that His ways are not ours- just as the heavens are far above the earth, so are His ways different from ours, yet we want Him to do it our own way. The moment we table our request and start wondering how God will do it, then we start suggesting ways to Him. While our bit is to request, why do we have to do God’s job by worrying or suggesting how He will do it when all our answers, questions, dreams, aspirations and desires are in His control? When we exude this kind of attitude to Him, we are simply saying that we do not trust Him enough.

The writer was guilty of this. I recall telling Him about my aspiration and dreams. I told him I wanted to be motivational and inspiration writer as well as speaker some time ago.  I thought I would just wake up one day and become all that I wanted but to my greatest disappointment, it was far from it. Even the kind of things that were coming my way seems not to have any correlation with what I desired. I became worried and frustration creeping it.  

However, I accepted what came in good fate even though I was not comfortable. After publishing series of articles, I realized that one of the sources of my inspiration is what I have experienced in life and it has actually blessed some people.

In life, we want to get things done as soon as possible without going through the rigors and processes which may come in different ways. In as much as we want our desires, aspirations and wants to be granted, we should also be ready to pay the price and trust God with everything.

Remember that there is no gain without pain. There is no prize without a price. The process is what makes us. Since I realized this, my watch word became “all things are working together for my good”. Cheers!

There is no gain without pain. There is no prize without a price Share on X

Onoja Emmanuel


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