Where Is The Love?

Where is the love? That exactly is the question. WHERE IS THE LOVE? How can you claim to love someone and open your eyes, fold your arms, keep your mouth shut and watch them treading a path that is obvious to you leads to their death, their grave, an eternal one for that matter?
Love has been widely acclaimed to be a verb, an action and not merely in words or intentions. A thousand and one different of illustrations has been painted all around us, movies especially. Take, for instance, Jack and Rose in Titanic. Romeo and Juliet, people willing to go to an extreme length, even death, for the sake of love. It should not be possible that we, who have the Love of God planted in our heart by the Holy Spirit, should have unbelieving friends, family members and folks on the path to eternity in hellfire and not be bothered about their eternity, their eternal security.
This was spoken about Jesus, the man we model our lives after “When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them because they were harassed and helpless (distressed, dejected), like sheep without a shepherd.” The opposite of compassion is coldness.
If we are going to be sincere with ourselves, what will be our good or permissible excuse for avoiding to share the gospel that saved us with them?
You don’t want to hurt your relationship with them? You are conscious of how they will see or accept you if the “preaching” doesn’t go down well with them? What if they don’t accept? What if you can’t answer some of their questions?
Some even give an excuse of not wanting to lose their friendship. If all you think about is maintaining friendship here on earth without considering having that friend by your side in heaven too then maybe you’re not really a friend at all. A true friend would (even though it hurts) tell the helpful truth to his/her friend always.

Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy is deceitful – Prov 27:6 KJV 

I had an extensive chat with a friend and brother, Mr A for the purpose of this article, a bright young graduate that gave up everything risking his life for the sake of the gospel as a missionary.
Tolu: How will you encourage every Christian to be passionate for the lost and actually go out for them right where they are?
Mr. A: By seeing the lost and letting compassion overwhelm their heart. They can’t reach those they do not love, even though many times men claim to love the lost.
We know according to Apostle John that love is an action word and that actions authenticate love, so if they sincerely analyze their hearts and acknowledge that they do not love well they need to take time out to pray that Jesus will change their heart because they can’t change their hearts on their own.
Some may say it is just fear that they have, but the truth is perfect love cast out all fear. Not that sudden fear will not come, I’ve had that a number of times here, but Love will make you obey God, when he says do not be afraid of sudden fear, it is a spirit of boldness, power love and a sound mind.
So like Timothy many people need a heart work, a heart stirring, so that the same spirit of Love that raised Jesus from the dead would work in them. Let them pay close attention to their hearts.

We all have friends, family member or someone around us who needs to hear the message of the gospel. Whatever your reason for holding back thus far is, let love, the same kind of compassion that moved Jesus overcome those reasons and move your heart to reach out to them.

I know your heart is stirred up now, but don’t rush out in the power of your own might, Like Mr A said, let the Spirit of love, power and sound mind move you.
And in case you notice a coldness in your heart to them. I pray that God will stir up His love in your heart. Help you see and feel His compassion to them. Give you the right steps and actions to take, and the right words to say, in Jesus name.

Grace and Peace.

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