Why Christians Should Give

Don’t you just hate it when there is a genuine need in the gospel and you don’t have enough resources to support?

Don’t you just hate it when there is a medical bill of a woman to be paid and she is being kept in the hospital because she does not have the finances to cater for the bills?

Don’t you just hate it when you hear the pitiful story of a really bright student that has to drop out because the bread winner of the family has passed away?

Don’t you hate it when you see Mama Bose carrying a child on her back and hawking pure water on her head, in this hot wicked Nigerian sun, that makes me wonder whether we have shifted closer to the sun?

I could go on and on, about the untold hardships that untold millions face in our society, but that is not my aim today.

I remember a few years ago, where contributions were being made in church for the church building. I was in secondary school and I did not have much, except my last 6000 Naira in my account, which I gladly gave all. But I remember a particular man who gave something that shook me. That was the first time in my life I had ever seen anyone give 1 million Naira on the spot as an offering. My heart began to burn within me, Oh God help me to give more than this man.

I am not trying to paint myself as the most righteous of all that have ever lived. I have skeletons in my cupboard ooo. In fact, the skeletons have become zombies sef. But for a long while, I am always moved even almost to tears whenever I see a situation in which there is a genuine need and I am not financially equipped to help. I always think to myself, how much does the person need, that if I did not have, I won’t give.

Ronaldo’s car collection alone is valued at about 2.5 billion Naira. And there are about 8 cars as at now. That is one car for every day of the week, plus one as a substitute. When someone does not even have a bicycle.

Jesus said, what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and yet lose his own soul. One of the dangers of the so-called prosperity gospel is that it unconsciously makes Christians become covetous, and they are too blind to see it.

Paul said the aim of working is so that we may have to give. So we have the peddlers of this menace, say bring what you have and God will multiply it. Biko is God now a casino.

So we have the peddlers of this menace, say bring what you have and God will multiply it. Biko is God now a casino, abi is it now divine MMM or naira bet that you are doing. Tell me whether Ronaldo is a consistent “tither”. And someone will now have the mind to say, if you don’t tithe, your finances will be tight. A screw is definitely missing in your brain.

The primary aim of our giving is ‘HONOUR’. And since we claim we are under grace, we should give more and above that 10 percent.

I have more to say about that, but let me conclude with this. We are expected to work hard. When we work hard, God blesses the works of our hands. As we are blessed, then we give. That is how we prosper in this kingdom.

Are there times where God supernaturally supplies? Oh yes. But you see, Jesus commanding coin from a fish was a one-time thing. But the one he told us to remember was an alabaster box that cost someone 1 years’ work salary. Work so that we may have to give.

If you are not at the point in your Christian walk where you are not ready to spend or be spent for the gospel, then I doubt what you really believe. God so loved the world that He gave…. Love Gives. Even as we grow older in our walk of faith, God will continue to grant us more and more opportunities to show godly kindness towards others. As we have more of this earths’ resources, God will grant us more opportunities to give. I pray that when there is a need, may you be found worthy and privileged to meet that need without

I pray that when there is a need, may you be found worthy and privileged to meet that need without sweat. So eliminate that greed mentality.

Why Christians Should Give? What you have is not yours, it was given you by God. So have enough for yourself, for your family (for he that doesn’t provide for his household is worse than an unbeliever and has denied the faith), and for others. That is prosperity. Remember, Godliness with contentment is great gain.

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