A heart balloon inside a garbage can.Just thought to drop this here!

I know you are on your way to the top
You’ve a bright future and it’s already falling into place
Am happy for you
I know a lot of times we are told to act like the future we want to have
And I agree, it helps us brace up in what we do
But I have a little problem with the way people go about it
You started at the bottom, they say
The bottom with fellow aspirants like you
You had your friends, your bestest friends, even those you told you’ll always be there for and let’s just include the regular folks you met
What does that tell you? You saw something in them
Let’s exclude the excesses and focus on the real ones
You probably always had some of them close because they were you cheerleaders- always on your side and pushing you forward or because they were honest with you and had your back just like you had theirs THEN!
Then, you got propelled further through the help of these people
Oh great!! Your joy is their joy… Everyone is happy yeah? Sure!
let’s walk down a few years and see the end game…
These same people, referring to the constants and eliminating the fall outs are still hanging around and are ready to run to your rescue the moment you even have the thought of needing them…
But all of a sudden, you disappear at their first cry for help all in the name of you being busy
You went From having their backs to Turing your back on them.
Yeah, I can almost imagine your thought towards what am saying and I know you’ll say stuff like not everyone is meant to be in your life forever and all that… No problem! Am glad you know that…
Just perfect!
Right now all I need you to do is put on these glasses and see through this lens..
Tell me what you see when you are the one here, looking at that used to “G’s”
I also need you to wear the jacket of that feeling when you see them and step into the shoes of being there when the person needed you and not being there when you needed them, it’s that simple…
When you take all that off, then you can talk to me and I just might listen…
But till that day, don’t think of me as a bitter friend who just wants to be identified with you because you are living your dreams, a creepy stalker, one living in the past or a hater like you tag us all…
I am just a hurt sincere friend who wishes you the best everyday of your life and praying you never have any regrets.
I got your back still but only from the distance you choose to give me. So am tossing every of your promises aside telling myself that I chose you and you didn’t, it makes me feel less hurt.
You might say it’s all from me alone, I agree…. No problem it’s just another of my opinion and thought.
– Vyncent’s Fantasy


Ofure Vyncent Aigbefo
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