Working in a Team as an Introvert: 5 Important Tips

The problems of an introvert when working in a team ranges from external judgement to getting overwhelmed with work. Such was my story when I started my current job; I found it hard to work in a team due to my introverted nature.

Many times, I couldn’t wait for work to be over in order to gain back my sanity. In fact, I preferred Lagos traffic jam to meetings and even looked forward to it. While my team mates contributed in meetings, I would hide and pray to not be noticed.

This went on for a while until God began to place a demand on me to shine in my workplace.

In the process, I got to learn that there’s a way out for introverts who find it hard to work in a team.

So here are 5 important tips for working in a team as an introvert:

  1. Find out the reasons for your lack of participation: This is quite important. You ought to find out why it’s hard for you to work in a team. Personally, I find prayer to be helpful in this regard because it helps me realise the reasons behind my lack of participation.
  2. Develop a positive mindset: Rather than concentrate on the discomfort that comes with participation or the conflicts attached to a team work, think of the benefits. What do you stand to gain? Which relationship can you build within the team? How can your skills help your team members and how can theirs impact you? Thinking this way opens your mind to participation.
  3. Ask for help: Rejection after asking for help is one of the many fears of an introvert in the work place because it requires courage and an openness to improvement. Interestingly, I have discovered that people are more willing to help.
  4. Understand your personality and prepare to work with others: As an introvert, working in a team had me overthinking about job expectations. So to prepare, I prayed before a meeting and jotted down speaking points. On other occasions, I would spend time thinking about how to go about my team’s task and jot down solutions to share with them.
  5. Ensure you’re in an enabling environment: Working in an enabling environment is the best gift any workspace can offer because a toxic one can lead to many problems. If you work in a toxic environment, think things through and talk to your Father (God) about it. You can raise an alarm if possible, confide in someone or leave to protect your mental well being .
You need to find out why you are finding it hard to work in a team so that you can solve the problem. Praying helps. Click To Tweet

As an introvert, I have a natural tendency to feel intimidated by others and that’s not teamwork friendly. Work has to be done, and part of doing it well is sharing ideas. The above tips have helped me to work better in my team. I believe they will help you.

Rather than concentrate on the discomfort that comes participating or the conflicts attached to a team work, think of the benefits. Click To Tweet

Do you have other helpful tips? Please comment below. They are much appreciated!

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Written by: Goodness Godwin-Usoro

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