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Love Cast in Colours – Bunmi Oyerinde #ColourOfLove


Does love have a specific hue

Is it dark-skinned or pale blue?

Don’t get it twisted

Those aren’t my favourite two

Love’s perfect description, do I know for sure?

Of the little I know, I could give you a tour.


Some see love in persons,

Swayed by their inner beauty or loveliness.

Others in material possessions,

With which they’d belong and impress.

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Love, I’d say, is in the heart of the idolizer.


As complex as defining love could be,


It’s our choice how, our feelings, we express and perceive.


Is your love as cold as ice?

Mere claims; knowing not how to be tender or nice

Or is it like peaceful droplets of snow from the firmament?

Is it new every morning, like the crystal dew?

Is it solid brown, like the trunk of the mahogany tree rooted into the heart of mother earth?


Is your love a loyal blue?

Irrespective of distance or point of view

Is your royalty’s purple proud and self-seeking?

Or are you, fulfilment notwithstanding, humble and sacrificing?


Like the eye-catching yellow, are you termed the attention seeker?

Do you go green with envy when your lover relates with another?

When you could choose to be fresh and calm like leaves and flowers that daily blossom

Not merely awaiting admiration

But being a willing companion

All shades of pink and awesome

Be you Ms Pretty or Mr Handsome.


I identify with the worldwide acceptance of red

As the colour of love

After all, the liquid that flows in our veins,

That juices up our core and brain

Is coloured the same.


When I think or speak love

I am awed

By the one colour

That outshines every other.

The colour that covers a multitude of sin

That encourages you to love unconditionally

That regards everyone the same

Irrespective of status, race or name

That doesn’t give up on me,

Even in my darkest alley.

For me

The unrivalled colour of love

Home and abroad –



B-exploits is a creative writer, specializing in poems and short stories. Her works reflect people’s everyday experiences. She’s also a thespian. Bunmi considers herself a work-in-progress.

Connect with Bunmi Oyerinde:

Facebook – Bunmi Oyerinde
Twitter – @oyerindebee
Instagram – olubunmi_bankie

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  1. Nice! I loved it, very poetic yet insightful. Keep it up!

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