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Love is in You – Affiong Ene-Obong #ColourOfLove


I know the colour of love

It lives inside me

It’s a phenomenon of light

Cascading through my bones

Spreading like wildfire

Through my soul

It comes from my heart

Reflecting through my soul

Like a rainbow

In the rain, sun and snow

I will draw the light into your eyes

At morning, noon and night

We would hold each other so tight

I would take your hands to hold mine

We would be together for all time.

The colour of love is the colour of my lipstick on your collar

The blush on my cheeks when I think about how we met

And how I felt

The day you decided to make me your queen

Nothing looks more beautiful than the hue

Called love

The colour of love is you!


Affiong Ene-Obong is a lawyer, author and poet. She holds a Law degree from Babcock University and is a member of The Association of Nigerian Authors, Rivers State chapter, member of The Sea View Poetry Club. Her first book, ‘ A Life Called Forever’ is a collection of inspirational poetry beautifully written to inspire, impact and transform lives. She spends her free time reading, writing, researching, learning new skills and languages. Her debut novel is centred on giving women and kids with special needs love, roots and wings.

Connect with Affiong Ene-Obong:

Facebook – Affiong Ene-Obong
Instagram: @ms_affy
Twitter: @ms_affy

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