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Pink – Akintade Jesupelumi Victor #ColourOfLove


Soft, yet passionate.
Touching and yet deep.
It brings to life, it animate
Its a colour on many lips.
Soft, and beautiful,
A mix on both ends.
Red and white,
Lust and purity.
A power of no comparison.
A passion of unmeasurable debt.

The colour of a lady’s cheek
When she sees that special one.
The colour of a man’s heart
When he his deep in love.
A blend, of danger, and sweet, sweet love.
The colour of romance.


I am Akintade Jesupelumi Victor. I am a lover of the arts, poetry, in particular, a student of law in his third year, Obafemi Awolowo University, a mind with a childlike curiosity, I love to write, read, game. I love politics and I’m a progressive Nigerian.

Connect with Akintade Jesupelumi Victor:

Instagram- i_am_damilola
Twitter- @AkintadeJvicto1
Linkedin- Jesupelumi Victor Akintade

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  1. Nice one from Mr Victor

  2. Wow. Good job Regina. I am so proud of you.
    Keep up the good work

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