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All for Love – Atere Oluwatimilehin #ColourOfLove


If I am to buy you a ride,
Will you choose a Cadillac?
If I am to take you on a tour,
Will you surf to Dubai?
If I am to pick a name for you,
Will you love to bear Sweetest of them all?
If I am to theme what I feel for you with a colour,
Will you prefer that I choose none?
Don’t blame me.
Not a single one can depict the intensity of my Love for you.
When I say I love you,
I really do



Oluwatimilehin is a young lady currently studying Law at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. Being a creative, writing is spontaneous to her and she is an ardent lover of fiction and poetry. Oluwatimilehin is a friend and lover of God and she is committed to community projects like #SaveAFoot, organised by Voice Of Worth; an NGO dedicated to redefining femininity.

Connect with Atere Oluwatimilehin:

Instagram handle: @timiibigi

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  1. Timi!! Good one!

    1. Nice one lovely write up

  2. This made me smile.

  3. Quite concise and precise. Keep the fire burning!

  4. I enjoyed reading this piece.Go girl!

  5. Great Piece. Oluwatimilehin

  6. Love is in all colours for all colours

  7. Your writing style is amazing

  8. beautiful write up dear.

  9. This is really nice.. keep the flag flying

  10. Wow!….lovely

  11. Lovely write up dear especially the part of ‘not a single word can depict my love for you’

  12. Nice one girl.
    Go get it!!!

  13. Oh yh.
    Love love!!!
    A very beautiful piece.
    U rocked it

  14. Ever proud of you, babe.

  15. Amazing string of words up there, dearie.

  16. Ilovely

  17. Amazing! Well done.

  18. Nice piece Timi!!

  19. Well done Oluwatimilehin

  20. Simple yet deep. The words touched me. I love you too

  21. Timi dear, this is an amazing piece. Well done!

  22. Apt!! This redefined my perception on a subject

  23. so lovely dear

  24. wawu! so love this

  25. Your writings always leaves me glued to each word and wishing it never ends.
    Now you make me wanted to do some love dance!
    Imagine if this is a wedding vow!

  26. Way to go girl!!!! Wonderful piece

  27. This is beautiful. Weldone babe.

  28. Timmmmmiii!!!!!! Kill us!
    Really nice writeup, baby!
    I love you.

  29. Awesome!

  30. good one babe. Keep it Up.

  31. This is lovely

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