If I am to buy you a ride,
Will you choose a Cadillac?
If I am to take you on a tour,
Will you surf to Dubai?
If I am to pick a name for you,
Will you love to bear Sweetest of them all?
If I am to theme what I feel for you with a colour,
Will you prefer that I choose none?
Don’t blame me.
Not a single one can depict the intensity of my Love for you.
When I say I love you,
I really do



Oluwatimilehin is a young lady currently studying Law at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. Being a creative, writing is spontaneous to her and she is an ardent lover of fiction and poetry. Oluwatimilehin is a friend and lover of God and she is committed to community projects like #SaveAFoot, organised by Voice Of Worth; an NGO dedicated to redefining femininity.

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