PRESS RELEASE: Yemi Levite – I'll Wait [Official Music Video]


I am humbled by the arrangements God made ahead of me concerning this Music Video and the whole experience reminds me of these scriptures Exodus 14:13 & 2 kings 3:17

I am so grateful for the success of this music video. Just as the song title states “I’ll Wait”, it pays to wait on the Lord because God is never late. When we wait for God’s timing and process, we will be overwhelmed by the end result of everything we’ve been trusting him for.

Like King Saul and Abraham; these two leaders had opportunities to WAIT on God but one was in a hurry to get results. This may be because he didn’t understand God’s timing. But there was hope for Abraham because he was willing to be corrected; this gave him another opportunity to experience GOD’s promises. In experiencing God’s best, waiting on Him is very vital. It cannot be downplayed especially in this age and time where almost everyone wants quick answers to all their requests. Hence, the interest in process of time has been undermined.

It Pays to wait on the LORD, “I’ll Wait”

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