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My Playlist: You’re Mine – CalledOut Music

You’re Mine – CalledOut Music

I consider myself lucky and special to call the creator of the universe my Father. I’m honoured to have a love that never gives up on me. This song describes the identity we have been given in Christ, for we are His children and we have been given the privilege to call Him Father. We are His and He is ours. We have been given a bond that cannot be broken for He loves us with an everlasting love and has given us a new identity.
He knows our end from our beginning because He is our creator and even before we were born He knew us – Jeremiah 1:5.

The song says;

I know that He will write my story, 
He will make everything work for me,
Though times may pass I’ll keep believing,
His record shows He’s never failed.

You’re mine – CalledOut Music

So I’m confident of this very thing that He who has begun a good work in my life, He who knows his plans for me is more than able o accomplish and complete His works in me cause I’m just the clay and He is the potter.

For this reason alone, we should always give God thanks no matter what we think we face cos it’s by His grace we live and it’s in him we move and have our being. So we should always be thankful and rest assured of His promises to us. His words are Yea and Amen.
This is an absolute favourite for me and constantly on repeat cos I’m always reminded by this very simple and fun song of God’s never ending love and my identity in Him. Enjoy!

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You’re Mine – CalledOut Music Lyrics

I will give you all my praise,
I will give you, I will give you all my praise,
Any day anytime all my praise I will give you, I will give you all my praise

(Lets get it like)

Yeah yeah,
Thank you Jesus

Verse 1:
Some people trust in gold and silver
Some people trust in mortal men
I’ll put my hope in the creator
Cuz in his hands I’m just a pen

I know that He will write my story (this is my story)
He will make everything work for me (this is my song)
Though time may pass i’ll keep believing
His record show He’s never failed

Sweet Jesus you’re Mine!
You’re mine (x3)
You’re my everything

Verse 2
Only You i’ll Follow follow
Don’t want to go solo solo
Nobody can take me away from you
No matter what I do, see I know by your Grace that
One day One day, I will reign with you

And thats why I’m singing Imela Imela
Ehh Ohh (x2)

Sweet Jesus you’re Mine!
You’re mine (x3)
You’re my everything

Repeat Chorus –

Eh – Jesus You’re mine
(Because you love me I can say)
Eh – Jesus You’re mine
(Through the good and the bad, I’m gonna say)
Eh – Jesus you’re mine
(Turn around, turn around, lemme hear you say)
Eh – Jesus you’re mine

I will give you all my praise,
I will give you, I will give you all my praise,
Any day anytime all my praise I will give you, I will give you all my praise

 What message does the lyrics of this song communicate to you? Share as a comment below.

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