IREN Emmanuel & LajuThe first day of February made it three months I have been married to my favourite person in the world, Pst Emmanuel Iren. I’d like to share 31 lessons from my time of being a wife.
There’s more I’ve learned and there so much more to learn, but for now, take these!
1. My husband is great at everything a husband needs to be great at. I’m thankful it’s him.
2. If you need help from your partner ask for it. If you’ll keep assuming he’d read your mind…na OYO for you.
3. When people tell you that sex is worth waiting for, they aren’t trying to deceive you. It’s worth the wait.
4. Have fun. Forever is too long a time to be grumpy with each other.
5. Be open to corrections.
6. Don’t let others determine your family planning. That’s between you and your hubby.
7. Be nice to the neighbours, it makes your life easier.
8. Be content with what you have. Make the best use of your resources and time so that even people that have more can emulate you.
9. Never compare your husband with others, let him always be the best, the sexiest, the most intelligent and the most everything…in your eyes.
10. Don’t expose his faults to others, especially close family and friends. Cover for him.
11. For every success, it is no longer ‘me’ but ‘us’.
12. Pray together. Never forget God who brought you together in the first place.
13. Your husband will many times need somebody to talk you, let that somebody be you.
14. Some men out there don’t care about the ring on your finger, they might chase you shamelessly. Lead them to your husband.
15. Cook well. Let there always be food in your house.
16. Treat visitors nicely. And especially if you’re a newly wed, be sure that they give enough notice and you can check the time with your spouse.
17. Be thankful for wedding presents.
18. Don’t spend all the spraying money on the honey moon. Give and save.
19. Help, Help. Help the man. And don’t make it obvious to the world how much you’re helping.
20. Dress for your husband. Look neat and attractive.
21. Air your grievances. If there is something you feel he needs to work on, tell him kindly. Take note of the time, place and manner.
22. Don’t let your standards of being a wife be derived from movies or music videos, watch what the word says.
23. Encourage your husband to be better and do better not just by talking but by taking sincere steps to support him.
24. Talk about everything. It keeps the friendship alive.
25. Most of what happens in a marriage should not be shared with the world.
26. Respect. A man ain’t gonna hear any love language if it ain’t got respect in it.
27. Seek to understand.
28. Adjust.
29. Work hard to make sure that you can manage God’s assignment on your life, your work, school, ministry and your marriage. It’s hard work, but it’s possible.
30. Keep your home clean.
31. Treat inlaws like you would your own family…after all, they are!

Iren Laju

Which of the lessons struck you? Do you also have one or two other lessons to add? Leave it as a comment.

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