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He Holds Me and He Won’t Fail – Jo Deep

I have played Hold Me (Won’t Fail) – Jo Deep over and over again and each time the experience is brand new, it’s like there is something I am hearing for the first time with each repeated play. Although of all the experiences hearing this song has created, the first time was my most dramatic.

Have you Listened to Hold Me (Won’t Fail) by Jo DeepIf you have not you are missing oh, if you have I am sure you can relate to what you are about to read. Now, my special encounter.

The first time I heard Hold Me (Won’t Fail), as soon as the intro instrumental faded and I heard; Asking me to hold You is like asking me to hold air and actually hold something when in the end we both know I’ll hold nothing’

It was like the words were taken from my heart and I started to cry, it was not sad tears but tears that I was hearing my heart in the first 20 plus seconds of this song.

This season has brought a great number of gbas gbos, my head knew who God was and what He said but my heart had started to feel too weak to hold up any more, my prayer started and ended with tears then words that summed up to ‘Help Me, God’.

You can now understand when I said the first few lines were my heart cry to God but that is not my favourite part of the song and I will tell you why.

‘Anything you own that you have no knowledge of (or make use of) is useless to you’ you probably have heard this saying over and over again just like I have, guess what like a sudden shock.

Anything you own that you have no knowledge of is useless to you Share on X

‘You hold me hold me (even before I ask) hold me hold me (this is what You love to do God) hold me now I can hold You tight Now my hands won’t fail cos Yours obviously wouldn’t’.

Reminded me of the hope I have, I started screaming YESSSSSS! YESSSSSSS! MY HANDS WILL NOT FAIL! Followed by an outburst in tongues, the prayer I could not pray since flowed endlessly. 

Now you know my best part of the song and why…lol

In Jo Deep’s words

“This season has hit many folks hard- like an unexpected punch to the jaw which has resulted in great fear concerning the sustainability  of our means of livelihoods, or even the rush of questions that now threaten our walk with the Lord. I know what that feels like and I decided to birth a song that I believe would plant God’s children back into His palms as He sings over them till all the storm is calm. May these words and tunes do your heart some good”.

Just hold me all so tight in your arms, Cos' my hands will fail. But yours obviously wouldn't - @iamjodeep Share on X

Another reason why I love Hold Me (Won’t Fail) by JO DEEP is the storytelling ability. It starts out with where you are, then a reminder of you who you are and whose you are. A perfect story told in a song.

You hold me all so tight in your arms. I won't fail cos' you hold me. - @iamjodeep Share on X

Let us hear your own special experience with Hold Me (Won’t Fail) in the comment section.

Let us talk about the person who birthed this gift in words then I will tell you about my special encounter with Hold Me (Won’t Fail)

Jo Deep is the artistic stage name for Jonathan ‘Deep’ Ojapa- a regular guy devoted to using every form of art he lays his hands on as a channel for sharing the truths he has learnt. He is a Teaching Pastor at The Lifeway Chapel [V.E.C.C], Lagos, Nigeria. 

Jo Deep has other projects which include ‘We are Deep’ (

Song Title: Hold Me (Won’t Fail)
Artiste: Jo Deep (@iamjodeep)
Produced/ Mixed by: Jo Deep
Mastering: Mix With Olives

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