The moon stood sentinel, casting its gaze upon the bonfire valentine party taking place on the beach. Kes gave a perfunctory laugh at Ify’s ‘out of sync ‘ step with the electric slide while his left hand fondled with something within his pocket as the other steadied the phone he used to record her dancing.

She walked towards him sweating and giggling then snatched the cup of Chapman beside him and downed it in one go.


“For someone who didn’t want to go out this evening, you sure are having fun”. Kes teased her as she dropped the cup on a table close by. She grinned as she gave him a friendly shove on his upper arm. “Leave me joor”, then took the phone from him as she went over the videos.


He thought about the last time she had this much fun since her breakup with her boyfriend six months ago. But even when she had fought against going out today, their ‘half-a-decade’ of friendship had made him convince her of the opposite. Suddenly, she interrupts his thought process as she began to giggle.


KES asked “What?” Still giggling she replied, “Nothing really, I just saw this.” She handed him the phone to read the content of a sponsored Instagram post which read:


“VALENTINE WRITING CHALLENGE: Write a short story or poem depicting the theme: THE COLOUR OF LOVE”


“Red naa” Ify giggled mischievously” But if you truly come to think of it, what’s really the colour of love?” She asked him frankly.


Kes raised one eyebrow ironically.”Is that an actual question or a rhetoric?” She hit him playfully “be serious joor.” mimicking a Yoruba accent Kes replied, “well, actualyyyyy I…”


Ify’s demeanour became a little more formal “Be serious!.”


Kes raised his hands in resignation “Ait” then he gave the question a little thought


Before speaking.


“What is the colour of love?. Hmmn. if love was a colour. It will be PINK. PALE PINK like your blush. Like when someone tells you something nice about yourself; just like I am doing now.”


Ify’s cheeks mirrored the right colours of his words as her lips broadened into a smile.


That smile was his cue to continue. “It could be PEPPER RED like your temper, especially when you are not having your way or when someone talks about your large nose.”


Ify giggles as she pushes him back playfully, “you are crazy.” “Crazy, no!but annoying, Absolutely”


He went on.,“ it could still tilt towards a brighter hue of red like the FIRE RED that reminds me about the passion, energy and drive you have towards achieving whatever you set your mind on.


Somedays it morphs to YELLOW like the puerile in you or ORANGE as the joy you emit when you enter into a place. Occasionally its BROWN; reminding me about your ability to run on the opposite end of childish.


Sometimes, it is as BLACK as your darkest secrets; the ones you think will make me see you differently when revealed to me, and it is also the unexplored part of your subconscious that you still haven’t explored. I see it as GREEN; a reflection of the life and positive growth you desire to see in everyone around you, then boring GRAY like time literally orchestrates the world around you to become too ordered and formal.


Other times, It is lazy and slow like BEIGE; especially how you drag your feet when it comes to issues of the kitchen.


It’s also BLUE like your smart self and like the sea; its unpredictable just like the TURQUOISE of your mood swings. But Most beautiful of all the colours of love in your blinding, WHITE, pure undiluted love for God.


In the end, I can’t say love is one hue of colour or a wheel of colours, I can only say that Love is a spectrum of light that can’t be seen by the eyes, but only by the heart. I think if love was a colour it will have to be you.”


Then he fell on his knees as he said this.“ because you are al the colour I see when I see love.” He pulls out the ring from his pocket and asked her “will you marry me?” her response was the perfect pale pink blush on her cheeks. 


Avwokuruaye Greygon Efetobor is an eclectic Griot, Imagineer and Writer whose storytelling skill set spans across a plethora of media contents which include but not limited to; Film-making, Animations, Screenwriting, Novels, Novellas, Flash fictions, Short Stories, Comics,, Documentaries, Audio Dramas and Stage Plays. While his style varies, the quality of his craft remains the same.

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