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my playlistIn my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful christian song I’ve ever listened to, beautiful lyrics, beautiful voice, beautiful tune and acoustic flow, it’s just a beautiful song, but much more, the message presented by the song is just beautiful.

Just for you like the title is a song written “Just for God”, B Reith in the lyrics stated how he’ll write and sing the song as if his last breath was that day regardless of what people will say about the song  because God’s worth every note, every heartache and pain, every refrain.

I’ve been distracted by what can’t compare to You” is my best line of the song, how true that we let things that can’t be compared to God take His place in our life and schedule.

Artist: B Reith

Album: Miscellaneous

This one won’t be on the radio
If I’m right they’ll say it is too slow
This one may not ever make it
Outside these four walls I take it
This one won’t be on the radio

But I’m gonna sing it anyway
As if my last breath was today

It’s way past due that I write just for You
I’ve been distracted by what can’t compare to You
‘Cause You’re worth every note
Every struggle and pain, every refrain

The inside of this lonely hotel room
Reminds me of Your cold and empty tomb
The sun shines through the window pane
Reminding me You rose again
Inside of this lonely hotel room

And I’m gonna sing my lonesome song
Remembering You’re with me through the storm

It’s way past due that I write just for You
I’ve been distracted by what can’t compare to You
‘Cause You’re worth every note
Every heartache and pain, every refrain

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