“Good afternoon Nike” Tola eyes lingered on her bulging stomach “I see you’ve wasted no time in getting pregnant,” she remarked drily to hide her anger “Can I come in?”
Nike moved and Tola entered Shutting the door behind her. They stared at each other for a few minutes; the air of tension was electrifying until Nike broke the silence.
“Please sit”
“No thanks”
“Need any drink?”
“No thank you,” she looked at her with malice “you are smart enough to know that I didn’t come for a friendly visit” Tola faced her squarely and Nike sat down feeling very weak with rising fear.
“You know,” she smiled maliciously “the situation is very funny, but I still can’t laugh” she walked to the television set to pick up a little-framed picture of Nike and Segun and smiled with envy, she put it back.
“What did you come here for?”
“I wanted you away from Segun but now that you are pregnant, I’d prefer if you leave and never come back” her voice turned ugly.
Nike absorbed this in silence, thinking of a wise response, she finally spoke, “But he’s living with me now,” she smiled at Tola, “You threw him out, remember?”
“What did you do when you caught him with that woman that night, I heard you did worse,” she laughed bitterly, “I love my husband and I’m ready to work things out as long as you’ve left us alone”
Nike gasped in surprise and she smiled at her, “Surprised? My husband tells me everything,” she sat on the single chair,“I should deal with you, but you are pregnant with a bastard!”
Nike stood up angrily and spoke in a dangerously low tone,“ I will not have you insult me in my own home,” she looked at the time, she wished Segun could just come back with one of those his surprises “I’m really sorry it came to this, I also feel very bad about this and I would love to see you and your husband reunited but…”
“But what!? You had Segun years ago and got tired of him, you offered him nothing but pain, leave him for me! The company he has whose money you are spending was through my family’s sweat, Segun had next to nothing of my class when we met, I clothed him and showed him what it felt like to be loved!” Tola’s face darkened in frightening anger and Nike walked to the door
“I have told Segun countless times to go back to you, I know what we did wasn’t right and all I should be asking for is your forgiveness”
“Which you don’t deserve” Tola completed walking up to her.
“He gives you happiness” Nike spoke softly “But I give him happiness”
“I’m not sure about that!” Tola replied bitingly. Nike moved close to the high stool standing beside the kitchen, she had forgotten the food on the fire, not even the smell reminded her. “You are just one of his old flames who has turned out to be an opportunist because Segun has this much money, you just go to hell and leave us alone” Tola snarled at her and Nike gave her a slap on her left cheek on impulse. Tola shook her head in fury.
“Get out!” Nike ordered angrily, feeling the ache in her head “Get out!”
“You slapped me? You slapped me?”
“Get out,” she said again controlling her voice this time, “I think you should leave now,” she turned her back to her lover’s wife as tears threatened to fall from her eyes.
Tola moved  close to her, her voice was dangerously low, “You’ll pay for this Nike, if you are so wicked that you can’t think of my daughter and her happiness then I wonder what you’ll do if Segun leaves you for another woman”
Tola moved a little away from her and made a cruel laugh “I don’t expect you understand how much I value my daughter’s life if you killed your daughter!”
Nike moved round blindly and raised her hands again, but Tola was quicker and held her fist roughly shoving her out of rage into the stool behind Nike. She fell down to the ground with a thud with the stool falling violently on her stomach. Nike screamed out in pain and Tola stared at the woman writhing in pain as the terrible reality of what she had done dawned on her.
Tears broke out of Nike’s eyes, instantly she felt the blood seep out of her, she was losing the baby she thought desperately as she moaned in pain. She tried to mouth the words help me, but she couldn’t hear her voice. Nike closed her eyes; she could feel the fear in the other woman.
Tola stood transfixed for a minute. What had she done? If anyone saw her in this place she would be in trouble, something she would never forgive her for… she would never forgive herself for. She ran out of the flat, leaving the door half open as she whispered “I’m so sorry” repeatedly to Nike, more to herself
Nike whimpered in pain. She felt so weak and lifeless; her body was limp with pain. She was soaked in a pool of her own blood, tears streamed down her face, but not as much as the blood around her. The light seemed to fade out slowly and everything so far away as she lost slowly lost consciousness of her environment until there was darkness and time seemed to stop.
Nike finally opened her heavy eyes languidly. She found herself in the hospital bed and tried sitting up until there was a sharp unbearable pain in her abdomen. Series of drips and a pint of blood were injected into her and automatically her weak hands reached for her stomach. It was very flat; she had lost her baby, her precious baby. Tears of grief and pain fell weakly down her cheeks in abandonment.

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Written by: Oyinda Dosunmu


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